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Friday, September 17th, 2004
2:03 am
guess who used up vacation time and went to vegas for six days, seven nights?
if you guessed me and j™, you're right.
i lost so much money, but i was able to win about half of it back.
i love slot machines.
j™ won money playing blackjack.
lots and lots of money.
he's spending it on me, of this i am sure.
and he's 23 tomorrow.
happy birthday, j™.

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Monday, August 23rd, 2004
4:26 pm

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
3:14 pm
i've been gone for a while.
work has been crazy busy. but good.
having my own office is awesome.
i wanted boss-man to put just my first name on the nameplate that goes on the door. it's not like we have any other dinah's working there.
i didn't get my way. whatever.
my case load is huge right now. i've had to stay late almost every night this week, and i even went in yesterday.
but hey, billable hours. they pay off.
my computer got upgraded. i'm only supposed to use it for work purposes.
like that'll happen.

j™'s been acting almost like a complete nice guy lately.
i told him why i wasn't going to rissa's party.
he called two nights ago and basically apologized for all the shit he'd done to me in the past couple months.
the kid was even crying. it made me say "wow."
he spent the night here last night.
we didn't do anything.
and when i woke up, we were spooning.

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Sunday, August 15th, 2004
6:26 pm
i had a great day at work.
we have a huge case load right now, so things are really insane.
but i don't care.
'cause i got promoted.
okay, so, not promoted, per se, 'cause i don't have any more responsibilities now than i did before, but i got a pay increase and my own office.
it even has my name on the door.
people walking by look at it and they think, "it's dinah's office."
i'm really pleased about that.
now i just need boss-man to upgrade my computer.
like that will ever happen.

by the way, 50 first dates is awesome.
j™ isn't, but that's not new.
he wants me to go to some party with him tonight.
at rissa's house.
and he wants her to be his next conquest.
that's what he calls them. conquests.

i'm not going.

you go, dinah.

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Saturday, August 14th, 2004
9:56 pm
j™ is the most perfect guy i know.
he's tall and solid. not fat, not skinny, not even built. just solid. his arms are strong but not overly muscular. he's got the most perfectly messy black hair. he has green eyes, which i love, just the combination of dark hair and light eyes. he has perfect teeth and the greatest smile i've ever seen. seriously, it's like a capital d turned sideways. a smiley face smile with a straight line going across the top. perfection.
he has this gift of being able to say all the cute, perfect things that every girl wants to hear at the right time. unfortunately, every girl does hear it at the right time. right for them, i mean. not for me.
and he tells me about those other girls. right before he says all those cute, perfect things to me.
for a while, we were even together. not dating, but "dating." casual stuff. we hung out, made out. there were probably other girls then. i just didn't know about them.
i didn't need to. i was happy.
we were the couple that the term "making love" was coined for. he was sweet, tender. everything you read about in romance novels.
even though we weren't really "serious."
he is the first only guy i've ever felt that way about.
and then i made the mistake of telling him.
i guess he got skittish or something, 'cause that's about the time the other girls came into the conversations.
he never calls me just to hang out anymore.
and even though i love him, we never "make love" anymore, either.
except even when he calls me for sex, it isn't just about the sex. first, he wines me and dines me and makes with the perfect and cute.
i don't think that's something he does with other girls.
that's something i don't like to think about.
but even when he's with another girl, it's never for more than one night.
well, maybe two.
and once he gets whatever he has to say about the girls out of his system, he goes back to being cute and perfect.
well, sometimes.
the rest of the time, j™ is the best ever at making me feel like shit about myself.

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Friday, August 13th, 2004
11:26 pm
j™ just called. he's coming over.
he tricked me, i swear.
we were talking and he asked what i was doing (nothing). he asked if i wanted company. i gave him a non-committal answer.
then he asked if i had seen 50 first dates yet, 'cause he just bought it. i haven't. seen it, that is.
he said he'd bring it over, if i wanted, and we could watch it.
i must be dumb or something. i said okay.
and he's on his way.
like, right now.
this can only lead to badness.
i should probably call him back and tell him not to come over.
'cause it's j™.
except i know i won't.
'cause it's j™.

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4:04 pm
it's known that i generally have two kinds of days: bad days, and better days.
i really don't think today could qualify as one of my better days.
i got into a monsterific fight with j™ this morning.
early this morning. we were screaming at each other through the phone from 3:13 until 4:30.
at work, i got into it with two coworkers and boss-man. boss-man quit yelling at me when i told him i'd quit if he didn't shut up and just let me do my job.
i am the best damn worker they've got.
j™ called my cell on the way home from hell work. to apologize. he apologized! and i said to myself, "dinah, don't go over there 'cause he's an asshole and he'll make you cry."
to which i replied, "but dinah, he's so cute. and he apologized!"
i went over there.
now i'm home.
and i cut myself again.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
3:52 pm
this is my life.
today was really really boring.
that's probably because it's already four o'clock and i'm just now getting out of bed.
my next entry will be more entertaining.
i promise.

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