dinah (delovah) wrote,

i had a great day at work.
we have a huge case load right now, so things are really insane.
but i don't care.
'cause i got promoted.
okay, so, not promoted, per se, 'cause i don't have any more responsibilities now than i did before, but i got a pay increase and my own office.
it even has my name on the door.
people walking by look at it and they think, "it's dinah's office."
i'm really pleased about that.
now i just need boss-man to upgrade my computer.
like that will ever happen.

by the way, 50 first dates is awesome.
j™ isn't, but that's not new.
he wants me to go to some party with him tonight.
at rissa's house.
and he wants her to be his next conquest.
that's what he calls them. conquests.

i'm not going.

you go, dinah.
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