dinah (delovah) wrote,

it's known that i generally have two kinds of days: bad days, and better days.
i really don't think today could qualify as one of my better days.
i got into a monsterific fight with j™ this morning.
early this morning. we were screaming at each other through the phone from 3:13 until 4:30.
at work, i got into it with two coworkers and boss-man. boss-man quit yelling at me when i told him i'd quit if he didn't shut up and just let me do my job.
i am the best damn worker they've got.
j™ called my cell on the way home from hell work. to apologize. he apologized! and i said to myself, "dinah, don't go over there 'cause he's an asshole and he'll make you cry."
to which i replied, "but dinah, he's so cute. and he apologized!"
i went over there.
now i'm home.
and i cut myself again.
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